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13.11.2018Public SFB 1313 lecture by Rainer Helmig Stefanie Siegert7.11.2018
12.7.2018Quasi-Newton ľ A Universal Approach for Coupled Problems and Optimization   
27.6.2018Wetting Fronts in Porous Media with Capillary Hysteresis and Dynamic Effects   
21.6.2018Subsurface fluid flow dynamics in the Southern Levant Basin, SE Mediterranean and its implication on carbon capture and geological storage   
11.6.2018Grundwasser im Spannungsfeld konkurrierender Nutzungen des Untergrundes  23.5.2018
7.6.2018Physical modeling of PEMFC performance and chemical membrane degradation   
17.4.2018Controlling Biofilm- and Mineral-Formation in Fractures and Porous Media