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Research - Dept. of Hydromechanics and Modelling of Hydrosystems

Large-scale numerical simulation of processes during CO2 storage in geologic formations
Project manager:Peter Bastian, Holger Class, Bernd Flemisch, Rainer Helmig, Olaf Ippisch
Research assistants:Lena Walter
Duration:1.1.2010 - 31.12.2012
Funding:State Foundation Baden-Wuerttemberg

This project is part of the research area:
Modeling of multiphase-multicomponent processes for the sequestration of CO2 in the subsurface

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In this project, we work on the development of an efficient parallel numerical simulator in three space dimensions that is able to simulate the full range of hydrological and geochemical processes necessary to describe the injection of CO2 on a regional spatial scale (say 30 km 30 km 300m), and on time scales relevant for the preferable mineral trapping of CO2. So far, either a limited number of processes or other simplifying assumptions could be treated in the existing simulators. With the new simulator, we will be able to predict more accurately the CO2 storage capabilities of a reservoir and provide information about site management, e.g. about the placement of water production wells for an active pressure management. Furthermore the efficient simulator can be used for risk assessment for a specific storage site. The simulator will be based on the software framework DUNE and the simulator DuMux developed in previous work.