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December 18, 2018
Publication Award 2018 for Martin Schneider and co-authors
M. SchneiderCongratulations to Martin Schneider, Léo Agélas, Guillaume Enchéry, and Bernd Flemisch
Martin Schneider (SFB 1313), Léo Agélas, Guillaume Enchéry, and Bernd Flemisch (SFB 1313) have won a the publication award 2018 of Faculty 2 (Civil an Environmental Engineering) for their paper "Convergence of nonlinear finite volume schemes for heterogeneous anisotropic diffusion on general meshes" and will receive prize money amounting to 2,500 Euros at the ceremony in January.
The paper deals with the convergence of cell-centered nonlinear finite-volume schemes for anisotropic and heterogeneous diffusion operators. A general framework for the convergence study of finite-volume methods is provided and used to establish the convergence of recently developed methods. A thorough assessment of a set of anisotropic heterogeneous problems as well as a comparison with linear schemes are provided.