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Student assignments - Lehrstuhl für Hydromechanik und Hydrosystemmodellierung

Dear Students,

thanks for your interest in working with us for your student assignments.

Unfortunately, we cannot always keep a list of current topics up-to-date. Below the topic's list we provide a list of contact persons in different fields of your interest updated.

Please contact these colleagues yourself and ask for recent red-hot topics.

Or please contact Holger Class oder Rainer Helmig.

topiccontactBachelor's Thesis
Ind. Study, etc.
Master's Thesis
Vergleich von Algorithmen zur iterativen Lösung der inkompressiblen Navier-Stokes GleichungenLipp, M.X 
Quantifying the influence of compositional and non-isothermal effects in CAESBecker, B. X
Experimental and numerical research in the process to produce carbon/carbon compositeHelmig, R. X
Numerische Ermittlung der Ergiebigkeit von Brunnen unter Berücksichtigung der Forchheimer-Gleichung und Darstellung der Ergebnisse in dimensionsloser FormHelmig, R. X
Calibration of a numerical model for enzymatic ureolysis-induced calcite precipitationHommel, J. X
Investigation of the effect of biomineralization on multi-phase flowHommel, J. X
SIMPLE-type preconditioners for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equationsLipp, M. X
Modelling a nuclear waste disposal siteSchneider, M. X
Comparative Study of different Pore-Network ModelsWeishaupt, K. X
Pore-network modeling on realistic geometries extracted from CT imagesWeishaupt, K. X
Analytical and numerical investigations on the influence of the boundary layer during convective transport of dissolved CO2 in a water columnClass, H.XX
Experimental and numerical investigations on convective transport of dissolved CO2 in a quasi-2D flow cellClass, H.XX
Untersuchung und Weiterentwicklung der in DuMuX implementierten FlachwassergleichungenSchneider, M.XX

these persons offer further topics:

Angewandte numerische SimulationHommel
Grundlagen und ModellkonzepteHommel
Anwendungen, kleine Projekte für die LehreHommel

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